our mission

  • To serve all member clubs and their individual members in a spirit of cooperation and fraternity.

  • To encourage the acquisition, restoration, preservation, and maintenance of collectible old and special interest automobiles.

  • To serve as a clearing house for historical and technical information beneficial to and required by member clubs.

To support sound and protective legislation and regulatory actions. To defend vigorously the rights and privileges of the old car and the special interest hobbies to use of the public highways, byways, and streets. To protect and assure sound licensing provisions in State laws and local ordinances.

To publicize our hobby: to bring favorable public reaction to bear upon the hobby, and to make legislative authorities and the general public aware of the existence of the hobby and the intrinsic value of preserving a part of automotive history.

To perform such other promotional and community service programs as will reflect to the credit and success of the automotive hobby.